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Otto Spa is one of the leading importer of fasteners in the South European Area; pioneers in importing from China, since over 25 years we are also
importing from all others Far East Countries (Taiwan, Malasya, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Korea, ...) several hundreds of full container loads.
We can:
- direct you towards different supplying sources already accredited for
reliability and quality, weighing all the pros and cons item by item, supplier by supplier;
- find the most convenient way to get the goods DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) your warehouse;
- run your requirements according to your scheduled deliveries through our warehouses in Padova and in the industrial duty free area of Trieste port.
If it could be necessary to inspect the production and get final inspection certificates before shipment issued by an independent and private inspection company, we can provide for quality certificates in accordance with ISO standards through the most well known accredited laboratory working on Far East
fasteners quality assurance.